PJ McClure lives to build powerful people and families that win! His strategies and guidance for living that powerful, victorious lifestyle are called unique, focused and personal, while he delivers them in a sincere, warm, and straight-shooting way. PJ’s pursuit of his own bigger life is built on an ever-deepening, personal relationship with Jesus-Christ and the promise Jesus made in John 10:10, “I have come so they may have life and have it more abundantly.”

    Because of his deep love for people, PJ’s friends come from all walks of life and his personal clients include corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, pastors, musicians and athletes. Each relationship creates success and an experience unique to the individual. Those same methods bring success to couples, professional groups and other organizations through program development, meeting and planning facilitation, team-building, workshops, and keynote speeches.

    Forget Your Comfort Zone

    To get out of your comfort zone, get into you Belief Zone. Never heard of it?! This impromptu video from PJ will get you familiar with it and how to get going to use it. If you want more info after the video, check out the link below the video player. If you’d like to pursue your Belief Zone in a deeper way, have a look at Life in the Belief Zone. PJ takes you on a journey to truly understand your Belief Zone a
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    The Power of Association

    “The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are.”  - Stephen R. Covey Have you ever seen or heard of someone working to get sober from alcohol, clean from a drug, or free of a destructive habit only to have their old “friends” bring them back in by using the substances around them? The power of the people around them and their unwil
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    Jesus, The Original Transformer

    I love finding cultural events that I can relate to points or ideas I want to get across. One of the best places to find material is movies. Most recently, Transformers: Age Of Extinction came into focus. The whole concept of Transformers is wrapped up in one of the slogans: More than meets the eye. They are beings from another place, which appear to be things we are familiar and comfortable with, but they are much m
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    The Paradox of Big Goals

    “Did you set a goal?” “Yes sir.” “Did you map it out and identify all of the action steps?” “Yes sir.” “You understood everything that needed to happen, right?” “Yes sir, but I just couldn’t seem to get moving. I felt flat-footed and couldn’t get any momentum.” “I know your problem.” “Awesome! What do I need to do?” “You need a bigger goal.” “…really?” “Yep. Your old goal wasn’t big enough to motivate you. Set a bigg
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